Emergency response for vessels in distress. Worldwide.

Environmental Services

Resolve can remediate environmental damage and restore the natural biological diversity. Our specialized team of environmental divers, along with an in-house marine environmental specialist, are ready to respond immediately to any potential environmental incidents worldwide.

The following is a list of Environmental Services offered:

  • Artificial Reef Design & Construction
  • Biological Monitoring
  • Impact/Pre-Salvage/Post-Salvage/Recovery Surveys
  • Post-Impact Coral Reef/Mangrove/Seagrass Triage
  • Coral Reef/Mangrove/Seagrass Mitigation & Restoration
  • Coral Reef/Mangrove/Seagrass Propagation & Transplantation
  • Hydrographic/Topographic/Bathymetric/Side Scan/Magnetometer/AGDS Surveys
  • Weather, Wave & Current Measurement & Analysis
  • Coastal Systems Sand Transport & Volumetric Analysis
  • Coastal Systems Modeling