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Wreck Removal

Wreck removals are projects where a vessel or object must be removed because it is an obstruction in a channel, harbor or a coastal zone where it can be a hazard to navigation or a source of pollution.

Many wreck removals have no residual value but represent tremendous liability exposure to the owner. Resolve has completed these types of operations in North America, South America and the Caribbean. In the past, many of our wreck removal operations were the result of a hurricane or weather system; leaving most vessels a total loss when driven ashore or sunk. Wreck removals can be as challenging as any salvage operation when the salvor is pitted in a race against time and the elements to clear a channel, harbor, or dock area.

We have been awarded a number of wreck removal jobs by being innovative and in turn extremely cost effective. This innovation has lead to Resolve developing a number of specialized tools such as portable "A" frames & hydraulic chain pullers that can assist in wreck removal operations. The Resolve Team has completed these projects with exceptional results in a safe and expedient manner.

Wreck Removal Services Include:
  • Marina Clean up following severe storms
  • Scrapping of barges, vessels, & offshore oil platforms
  • Refloating and Removal
  • Deep Water Recovery

RESOLVE Marine wreck removal in Anguilla