Emergency response for vessels in distress. Worldwide.




The majority of ship owner's†choose Resolve†for OPA 90 and State Regulatory Compliance.




Since the inception of OPA-90,†Resolve has offered the full spectrum of salvage, firefighting, and emergency lightering response services nationwide.

We are committed to providing steady and consistent service that is balanced and sensible with regard to the application of state and federal regulations. Resolve's reputation for excellence within the industry allows the company to maintain a vast network of response resources on a†worldwide basis.


In addition to our network, Resolve has partnered with National Response Corporation to form "1 Call" - a one-stop Salvage and Oil Spill Response Organization (OSRO) with virtually limitless spill management and emergency response capabilities anywhere worldwide.


Resolve†also routinely conducts training for the U.S. Coast Guard personnel in Washington D.C. on Salvage Response. We are also a pre-contracted emergency responder for the U.S. Coast Guard for national emergencies which are federalized.

In the recent†ammendment to the federal U.S. Coast Guard†regulations regarding OPA-90, Resolve was specifically mentioned by†using a recent Resolve†resonse project as an example by which others should follow.

"An example of the benefit of the VRP planholder having a prearranged contract with a reputable salvor can also be found in the salvage response to the T/V White Sea"
(This refers to a 243 meter oil tanker that ran aground off of Coney Island, NY. Resolve was called in to refloat the vessel and remove 548,000 barrels of oil and did so in perfect form)





Whether your vessel is aground, collided, or blocking a port entrance, an emergency situation on board requires quick response and accurate calculation. Resolve is proud to announce that Damage Stability Preparation will now be offered to†our clients in addition to our existing OPA-90 services.

Currently, many salvage companies waste valuable time sifting through the chain of communication to reach essential personnel required for calculating crucial structural measurements before any actions can be taken. This is not the case with Resolve.

This new division consists of highly experienced naval architects, salvage masters, and some of the most sophisticated computer simulation and support software in the industry. When time is money...every minute counts!

††† www.resolveopa.com


A vessel's compliance with OPA-90 regulations is a serious matter that requires immediate attention and accurate record keeping.

Resolve has created the first web-based online database accesible to all vessels entering US waters and allows registered†Qualified Individuals (QI) to add, edit, and store important information that Resolve can readily access in an emergency. This new system eliminates costly delays caused when ships are diverted and in need of a prompt "named responder" certificate.


We believe that Resolve's OPA services are the most comprehensive, streamlined, and efficient in the industry today. For further information on our OPA services or to enroll your fleet please contact Ryan Morrison at rmorrison@resolvemarine.com.