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Specialized Marine Services

Resolve is a leader in the field of specialized marine projects and routinely seeks out unique and challenging projects that others shy away from. Our resume' includes massive remediation projects, heavy lift, cargo operations, and hazmat containment just to name a few. Over the years, Resolve has frequently contracted with the US Navy, US Coast Guard, and US Maritime Administration on significant marine special projects.

The following is a list of Specialized Services offered:

  • Artificial Ship Reefing - Conception to Completion
  • Ship Remediation
  • HAZMAT Containment & Removal
  • Pipeline Installation, Maintenance, Repair & Removal
  • Offshore Platform Transport, Maintenance, Repair & Removal
  • Vessel Stability Modeling, Analysis & Emergency Consultation
  • Barge & Vessel Load-Out Services
  • Unique, Specialized & Custom Marine Construction & Repair
  • Anchor & Chain Recovery

Resolve's dedication to preserving the marine environment has played a major role in its extensive resume of environmental enhancement projects. Notably, Resolve is credited with succesfully sinking the aircraft carrier Ex-USS Oriskany; the world's largest vessel to be sunk as an artificial reef.

Whether its a recent vessel casualty, a potential artificial reef, or one of a thousand wrecked vessels on the sea floor, Resolve applies it's unique ability to adapt to any project requirements with equally impressive results every time.